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He was charged with aggravated child molestation and sentenced to 10 years in prison. He's not on this registry because in the Georgia Supreme Court ruled that sex between teens is not the same as adults who prey on children.

  • Ga. Teen Still Jailed, Despite Court Order - CBS News.
  • Hundreds protest 10-year sentence for relations between teens aged 15, 17.
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And despite the fact that some sex offenders feel wronged. The registry does keep track of people classified as violent predators. And it does serve the right purpose when done the right way," says Investigator Sylvester.

Genarlow Wilson’s journey from prison to Morehouse

She said they are continuing to work with Wendy to keep her in her home. They have not filed an appeal to last week's federal ruling that she must move because of those residency restrictions. But she will remain on the sex offender registry for the rest of her life. The main difference in the Wilson case that was overturned, and the Whitaker case is how they were charged.

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Whitaker plead guilty to sodomy and served five years probation. Wilson was charged with aggravated child molestation and he was sentenced to 10 years in prison, a harsher punishment, but only served three because his case was overturned. Wilson and five other teen boys were charged with engaging in oral sex with the year-old girl and also charged with the rape of a year-old girl at an Atlanta motel.

Four of Wilson's co-defendants accepted plea offers and avoided trial, and a fifth accepted a deal the morning of the trial's opening day.

The Volokh Conspiracy - Genarlow Wilson Case:

Wilson, however, refused to plead guilty and was tried on the two charges. After the February trial, the jury quickly settled on an acquittal on the rape charge because the videotape clearly showed that the girl consented to sex, according to jury forewoman Marie Manigault in an interview with TIME.

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The tape also clearly showed that the year-old girl involved in the oral sex episode had also consented; but Georgia law at the time made any oral sex with a partner under 16 a felony, regardless of consent. It was a night of stupidity and not one of them had any idea that what they were doing was illegal.

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  6. He and the others in the room had sex repeatedly with this year-old girl, who was at best semi conscious. Genarlow Wilson is not a hero, and he is not the martyr that he has been made out to be.

    Sex offender caught on video stalking girls

    Thanks also to Edward Tran for scanning it for me. As you may recall, the general age of consent in Georgia, the state involved, is At the time Wilson was prosecuted, genitaal sex between an underyear-old and a toyear-old would only have been a misdemeanor, punishable by a year or less in prison, for the year-old.

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    At the time he was convicted, the Georgia Legislature had also made the very sort of act of which he was convicted into a misdemeanor -- but only prospectively, without applying retroactively to conduct that happened before the enactment of the new law. Soon after Petitioner's conviction, this same Legislature that passed the original statute changed the statute, making Petitioner's conduct a misdemeanor with a maximum 12 months in jail and no sex offender registration This significant change shows this State's clear views as to how persons convicted of Petitioner's conduct should be punished.