Location of human organs in the body

For this reason, this section provides a basic overview of anatomy and physiology as it relates to toxicity mechanisms. We can think of the basic structure and functional organization of the human body as a pyramid or hierarchical arrangement in which the lowest level of organization the foundation consists of cells and chemicals. Organs and organ systems represent the highest levels of the body's organization Figure 1. Figure 1. In the animation, an image of each level of structural organization of the body is displayed, beginning with chemicals, then cells, then tissues, then organs, then organ systems, and finally, the organism.

Animation 1.

What organs are located on the left side of your body below the rib cage?

The human body consists of eleven organ systems, each of which contains several specific organs. An organ is a unique anatomic structure consisting of groups of tissues that work in concert to perform specific functions. Table 1 includes the structures and functions of these eleven organ systems. On this page Organ Systems and Organs.

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Groups of cells with similar structure and function are known as:. Tissues are groups of cells with similar structure and function.

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  6. There are only four types of tissues: epithelial tissue, connective tissue, muscle tissue, and nerve tissue. Organ systems.

    The organ system that transports oxygen and nutrients to tissues and removes waste products is the:. The cardiovascular system functions to transport oxygen and nutrients to tissues and removes waste products. The primary organs are the heart, blood, and blood vessels. Urinary system. Integumentary system. Cardiovascular system.

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