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Myspace did not respond to a request for comment. Obviously, we're not in anymore, and very few people still use or care about their Myspace accounts. But Myspace, which last year had to admit that it lost the passwords of more than million users , should still take care of its users' security, according to Galloway. Myspace is an enormous graveyard of personal data. If you have an end of life application or website, you have to have a plan," Galloway, a researcher at Positive Technologies, a security firm, told Motherboard in a Twitter chat.

Galloway said that when she found out about the flaw she was "horrified" and "shocked" by "the complete lack of due diligence" on Myspace's part. Motherboard verified that, indeed, all one needs to take over somebody else's Myspace account is full name, username, and date of birth. Once we finished the recovery process we had full access to the two accounts: we could write new posts, read old messages, and basically do whatever the account owner's could do. Thanks again to the two brave volunteers who let us break into their old accounts. Scott Helme, a security researcher who acted as one of the guinea pigs to test the flaw, said that Myspace's account recovery feature is "insane.

If you don't want strangers taking control of your old Myspace account and going through your embarrassing high school pictures, you can recover control of it here and follow this procedure to delete the account. The original URL now redirects to a different page. Ccool2ax made the article worse by forcing his opinion "that's not a feature", etc.

Myspaceaddictaust , 5 September UTC. Do you have any problems with the current version of the article? I think someone took criticism a bit too far. I deleted it once, and when it becomes unprotected I'll do it again. There is no need for a top 8 criticism becuase friends don't put you on there. Crticism is when a company MySpace does something that is sneaky or untruthful.

This is friends doing untruthful things. If there was a Wikipedia page of Christina's friends and someone added that to her article that criticism is upon her that she didn't add Olivia as a friend, then fine. What do you think? Comment here. Myspaceaddictaust , 7 September UTC. The "Top Friends" feature causing despair doesn't need to be in the article.

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It's like saying "basketball makes people angry" in the Basketball article. It is original research and is not too important to the context of the article. Use my shortened version with the word "blocking" because it's not censorship I'm logging off at CDT, so if this gets unprotected, stop reverting it when someone other than you cahnges it please.

Chris chat edits essays , 7 September We agree on the edit. I agree. In future I'll use edit summaries more and discuss dramatic changes. Besides there's not many articles on my watchlist anyway so it should be easy! About this. When showing the difference between the American and other date systems, it is traditional to use day numbers which are greater than 12 to show which are days, and which are months.

Those are two reasons for the change. This is bullshit. You're arguing about stupid topics. Just leave it the way it is, gees. I looked up this article to see what OS and webserver software MySpace uses. But there was no information on that. That would be a good thing to add, if someone knows the answer. I've created a better version of the article with some minor tweaks here This is it What's wrong with my version??

I think I wanna quit. I don't care about the gay ass rules and policies. I stopped caring ages ago. Wikipedia is full of unnecessary bureaucracy. What should we do about this serial sockpuppet user now? User:Pnatt has been at it for months now. Enough is enough.

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Aflfinals , 14 September UTC. This should be added somewhere, but Im not sure exactly where. MySpace has been under increasing criticizm because of the links between it and crime. In the last several years there have been several kidnappings, murders, and sexual assaults attached to it. I think that this should be added to the article.

There have even been some links found that suggest that Duane Morrison found some of his intended targets on MySpace. I've noticed that Myspace seems to lose a good portion of message traffic. Quite frequently I've sent messages but haven't had them show up in my sent mail, nor did the recipients acknowledge receiving them.

Also, three times now I've been notified I had a new message, but looked to find nothing in my inbox, other than the page stating it was displaying of 3 messages. Is this phenomenon common enough to list as a criticism of Myspace's reliability? Hello, Myspace has many errors, but messages disappearing are not one of them. But it is annoying.

It is a very major issue on myspace. But they know about it. When their account is deleted so is the message you were sent. I hope my info helped you. It should also be noted in the article that most kids set their profile to private. Also most kids only add and request their real freinds that they really know. Claiming just over million accounts. There are currently more than million accounts on MySpace. Well maybe common sense should prevail regardless of the policy. MySpace currently has just over million accounts. It is erroneous to say that it has just over million accounts.

Wikipedia should be a resource that's kept up to date. If the policies intervene with these simple truths, then maybe the policy should be changed. Well where is the current sources claiming that there is just over million accounts? Wikipedia is getting very frustrating. It seems like that every sentence on Wikipedia now has to have a source even if it's trivia. Would the counter in the top right of every homepage count as a reliable source? I think that is the official number.

How to Access Your Old Myspace Photos - Thrillist

Mchmike , 23 October UTC. Just wanted to add a note that I corrected a factual error under "International Access" in the article. It previously stated that "e. Plutoxin , 18 September UTC. I think either title serves the purpose, so I'm not going go about changing that. It has no sources at all and is original research. It should not be re-added unless there's a verifiable source for the claims. Yay, now he's personally attacked me on my talk page. I hope an admin will come and block him. Why is there nothing in this article mentioning impersonation? There are hundreds of people posing as celebrities and often when there is already a page for the actual celebrity and fictional characters yet nothing is mentioned.

It is a very important bit of information to go in this artcile. Who deleted my disscussion on MySpace and Miley Cyrus? Profiles also contain an "Interests" section and a "Details" section. However, fields in the "Interests" and "Details" sections have the ability of not being displayed on the page by simply not filling them in.

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I'm a little surprised that no one has picked it up before. OTOH, it might be even better to simply leave the "However, I mean this with all due respect, but surely this is a detail of very little consequence. I realise this might prove to be a can of worms but what the hell How about a seperate article listing all celebrities with a page on MySpace? We can easily define "celebrity" for this project as "someone with a wikipedia article about them". The problem will be sorting the impersonations from the genuine articles Too complicated?

Is it the biggest social networking site in the world? Alexa is dependent on a toolbar plugin that has low penetration among web users and excludes all but Internet Explorer users. For this reason, Alexa is highly skewed and subject to wildly inaccurate results. I have removed mentions of Alexa from the article in order to present a more accurate depiction of its popularity.

As we know, popular sites like Wikipedia are often parodied in popular culture. Are there any similar cases for MySpace?

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If there are any such notable examples, should we add them to the article? I couldnt report this article for some reason but i think it should be deleted. I have seen articles like ps3forums. Now i dont see that its fair if a article on myspace whish is knows as a site is being aloud to have a article, its no differnt than the ps3forums article.

Just because its a big site now doesnt mean it should be a exception, it isnt fair at all! People worked hard on the other article and it was deleted in a day, now myspace is a exception?? Just because its big and you happen to know about it, it becomes a exception? The forums and a few others are just as big and some are three times bigger but just because you cant see pics of some underaged chick they are not aloud? I dont see it as fair at all. I vividly agree, Both should be aloud or both should be deleted period! So what just because someone agrees you decide to call him names??

It doesnt make sense, so your saying if that forum got media behind it than it would be ok? Well look around gaming sites and see for yourself. What about playstation. It has more members than myspace will ever have and yet you guys would probably delete that as well. Myspace is safe, but not all that safe as people make it seem. The person who wrote the summary on myspace misinformed you about how profiles set to 14 and 15 are automatically set to private.

This is completely untrue. Users on myspace have a choice on whether or no they want their profile open to the community or not. But on the other hand when a user request to be your friend you have the option of accepting it or not. Privacy settings can be changed at all times.

And parents if you want to find out if your child has a profile on myspace Go To Myspace. Then type in the name of the person that you seek. There's mainly only kids on there anyway. And kids today are smarter than they seem. They would only add people they know. You also are able at times to view private profiles there are people coming out with codes on a regular basis to try to view profiles and myspace sometimes then is able to block those codes So as much as youd like to think your profile is private there are ways around it and parents should always be monitoring their kids Now, they should say users with their age set to have their profile set to private by default.

For some reason this article doesn't include that infamous Florida teen beating video ; the site did play a role in it. Does that have any place here, or should it be covered somewhere else? I am quite surprised that Wikipedia has no article covering that subject yet. Should they have their own pages since they are different services from the main site? Mteague93 talk , 11 November UTC. Why is there no mention of myspace buying imeem?

The article reads, "A special type of modification is a div overlay, where the default layout is dramatically changed by hiding default text with. Laval talk , 11 February UTC.

MySpace Security Flaw Gave a Final Reason to Delete Your Account

See Commercial mail receiving agency they're also known as mail drops. Their address is actually a mailbox in the UPS Store in the strip mall at the northeast corner of the intersection of N. Orlando Ave. I'm not sure how they do it in Canada, but in the U. This is not difficult; it only took me five minutes to figure this out with a few well-crafted searches on Google! P or is she gone? The Article states that from March myspace will become a music store with 30 second clips of songs.

This obviously isn't true. I read Danah Boyd 's article titled "Why Youth Heart Social Networks" in which she speaks about how students use myspace as a way for teenagers to escape a rule and authority based society in order to express themselves and even to mature. I think this is a very important aspect about Myspace that should be mentioned on the wikipedia page, what do you think?

Myspace, over the last few months, has noticeable lost popularity. I am wondering if a section of this wikipedia article could have information concerning this. Or is this quote from the article good enough?

Backtable Speak to me concerning my deeds. There was an interview in the German Newsmagazine "Der Spiegel" with someone from the Washington Post or so, concerning the future of Print Media, who was also saying that the developments in the virtual community were very fast, as for example Myspace was once a Big Player in the virtual great game, and was a nobody by now.

However, some more data, facts and reliable and valuable quotes would be necessary to write something like this down here in Wikipedia. Any one care to revamp this article? It will need it.

Want to a hack a Myspace account? They’ve made it shockingly easy

I just received an email from myspace telling me that any one with 1. Here is the contents of that letter. There are no longer million myspace users so why reference it? His name only appears one place on this page and his bio on the Pawn Stars page does not mention Myspace. I think someone is messing with you. Thank you, MySpace recently updated their logo yesterday, consisting of the word "my" followed by a fill-in-the-blank space.

Should probably use the old or current logo used by the site until the change, maybe put new one in relevant section? Seems odd as it is. Or other way round?

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It looks like it is the leaked image from a few weeks ago, and it most likely retrieved from a badly angled photo. I'm afraid I don't know how to change pictures I'll work it out in the sandbox , so if anyone stumbles across this before then Sam talk , 28 October UTC. The New Version of the Registration won't let people register! Please message me about this problem. Thank you,. First off, this isn't a help forum. Second, you didn't sign your post by typing four tildes.