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I highly recommend Greg and the firm. They have represented me and help me to achieve my goals.

I am the proud Father of 2 amazing girls and my life with them is a direct result of the work done by Greg and the firm. James H Grim Jr Man on a mission to a never ending reach for a higher standard of excellence and client services.

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Rock Anderson I challenge anyone to find a better law firm than Greg LaMonaca and his team. You won't! Every single one of them cares about you, as an individual, and about your family. They make that their priority. I have experienced their caring and their expertise first-hand, and highly recommend LaMonaca Law.

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Marta Marcelli Moyer From the moment I first interacted with them I felt welcomed and that my situation was truly a concern of theirs. They connected me with the lawyer that best fit my need and I am so glad to have been paired with her. Brynn Coolidge Do you have a family member who is facing a Divorce, child custody issue or other Family issue? At LaMonaca Law your family member will have a team of experts who will work hard to get the best results for them.

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From the very first meeting, your family member will never feel they are alone in this fight. From our Media law office, we serve clients throughout Delaware County and the surrounding area of Pennsylvania. We understand that financial difficulties often accompany divorce and other family law issues. Ask us about our reasonable and competitive hourly rates for our family law clients.

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When someone comes in with a family law matter, we take the time to discuss things and come up with a strategy. We do everything possible to minimize the emotional turmoil of the situation and resolve issues amicably.

Protecting Parental and Marital Rights in Family Law

We use mediation and other nonlitigious means for resolving issues whenever possible. If the defendant does not live in the same state or county as the plaintiff, the plaintiff can choose to file a support complaint in the county where he or she resides and have the action processed between the two county courts or can choose to file the support complaint in the county where the defendant resides, is employed, or can be personally served. Once the complaint is filed, each county has its own set of procedural rules which the parties much follow.

Equitable Distribution is the legal term for division of marital assets and marital debts as part of a Pennsylvania divorce action.

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In Pennsylvania, marital assets and debts are those assets or debts acquired from the date of marriage to the date of separation except those assets and debts that are excluded by a prenuptial or post-nuptial agreement or because they were acquired by gift from someone other than the spouse or through inheritance. In addition, a marital asset includes the appreciation of a pre-marital asset through the length of the marriage. To schedule a consultation regarding your family law matter, contact us at Randi J. All rights reserved. Disclaimer Site Map. Do I need to hire a family law lawyer?

Can both parties use the same lawyer in a Pennsylvania family court matter? What should I do if served with a Pennsylvania divorce complaint? How do I obtain a child or spousal support? What does the term equitable distribution mean?

Understanding Negotiated Divorce Law In Pennsylvania

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